Life Regression

// Our thoughts on the world of past life regression and life between lives.

Past Life Regression- What to Expect?

So you have realized that the nagging panic attack that has been nearly debilitating you for a while now, could have something to do with a limiting belief from a previous life, which needs to be explored and taken to its logical conclusion? A Past Life Regression Therapy could well be the answer that could […]

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Maybe my mind made it all up?

Many people are amazed when then they come out of a Past Life Regression session; the life they experienced may have been of a different gender than they are in their present life, they might have found themselves in a foreign land, with strange customs, wearing odd clothes, doing unusual things, interacting in peculiar ways […]

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Past life and reincarnation

It’s hard to actually get some sort of factual figure of the number of people on planet earth who believe in reincarnation, certainly the Theosophists, Spiritualists and followers of Eckankar, along Hindu’s for which reincarnation is a core belief. Sant mystics and Sikhism subscribe to reincarnation along with many African peoples and of course for […]

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How to Get the Best from Your Past Life Regression Therapy

Some of the people have a desire to know their past and they want to regret for the bad acts they did in their past lives. They want to get experiences from their past lives in order to not to repeat those bad actions and to secure their future lives. Tips to get the best […]

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