Past life regression therapy

// Our thoughts on the world of past life regression and life between lives.

Past Life Regression- What to Expect?

So you have realized that the nagging panic attack that has been nearly debilitating you for a while now, could have something to do with a limiting belief from a previous life, which needs to be explored and taken to its logical conclusion? A Past Life Regression Therapy could well be the answer that could […]

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Are past life memories behind your anxiety levels?

Have you been plagued by irrational fears?  Have you had visions that have no connection with your current reality? Do you experience a sense of deja vu often? Has the situation come to such a point that you are having panic attacks that are almost debilitating? The answers could lie in a Past Life Regression […]

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How do we chose the right past life to visit?

When we elect to undergo a past life regression with a therapist in Melbourne, or anywhere for that matter, we do so for a reason. There are many reasons to do a past life regression therapy session, for example, we may keep making the same mistakes, many clients frequently present with issues around self sabotage. […]

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