A Wise Wizard In A Stone Tower

The scene is set in central Western Europe, during the 15th Century.  Our central character is an elderly and scholarly man with a wild head of grey hair and an unkempt flowing beard. He wears a tatty purple robe, with dark animal fur cuffs and an animal fur collar. Under his robe he wears a […]

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Spiritual hypnosis- Debunking myths

If the only thing standing between you and an empowering Spiritual Hypnosis session is your fear of the process of hypnosis, it’s time to put those fears to rest and delve deeper into what the process of hypnosis is and what it isn’t. Our fear of hypnosis often originates from the popular and often wrongful […]

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My Senses Were Alive, Quite An Experience…

“Where did that come from?” I said to Andrew after he gently coaxed me back into consciousness. I was always well aware that I was a middle-aged woman in the year  2010 sitting in a room with a ticking clock and passing traffic, but I was answering Andrew’s questions as an arrogant French man, the […]

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