Future Life Progression

Future Life Progression sessions are empowering powerful transformative journeys forward in time to explore events from the future.

For our Soul in Spirit, time does not exist as time is a construct of the rational human mind and does not exist beyond the physical realms that we know here on Earth.

All of our experiences that may happen in the future are there for us to explore.

We can explore your Future Lives as easily as we can your Past Lives.

  • Moving into future incarnations can be a truly inspirational and unique experience as we explore present life issues and how they play out if you do not take the action in this lifetime.
  • Going forward in time can bring new perspectives and healing for people in a way that no other therapy can achieve.
  • Future Life Progression can be a powerful healing tool.

Future Life Progressions require clear reasons and intentions for the session. What is it that that you want to achieve?

  • Move you forward in your current lifetime for issues in this life that you want to explore. We can move you forward 5, 10, 20 years into the future to see how things are working out.
  • Alternatively we can explore a future life incarnation, that a life beyond this one you are experiencing now, to see how present issues may impact on your future incarnations.

In Future Life Progression conducted in Frankston, Melbourne, we will explore the repeating patterns, contracts, agreements, perceptions and beliefs that may be forming sometimes on an unconscious level, as a result of experiences from this life, past lives and even life between lives.

What to expect?

Your unique future life progression therapy session will be between 2-2.5 hours. After completing the client intake form, there will be a brief discussion of that information, and even more time exploring the issues you may be seeking to address in the Future Life Progression therapy session in Frankston, Melbourne.

During this time you can establish the intention of the future life therapy session, what outcomes you are seeking, clarifying a sound outcome and explore your views on life, the universe and your beliefs systems so that the Future Life Progression session reflects accurately, your own unique understanding and perspective.

Your therapy journey includes a brief explanatory presentation, providing you with an in depth understanding of your mind. Naturally at every step of the way, you can ask questions and clarify your understanding of the Future Life Progression therapy session experience.

All therapy sessions are conducted in Frankston, Melbourne. They are recorded and made available to you via internet file transfer or a CD.

Your Future Life Progression therapy session journey will be a truly unique event: to release, to retrieve and to explore to obtain incredible insights and to enable you to undertake the next level of your spiritual growth.


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