Past Life Regression: What to Expect

What to Expect from a Past Life Regression

Your unique past life regression therapy session will be between 2-3 hours. After completing the client intake form, there will be a brief discussion of that information, and even more time exploring the issues you may be seeking to address in the past life regression therapy session in Melbourne.


During this time you can establish the intention of the past life therapy session, what outcomes you are seeking, clarifying a sound outcome and explore your views on life, the universe and your beliefs systems so that the past life regression session reflects accurately, your own unique understanding and perspective.


Your therapy journey includes a brief explanatory presentation, providing you with an in depth understanding of your mind. Naturally at every step of the way, you can ask questions and clarify your understanding of the past life regression therapy session therapy experience.


All therapy sessions are conducted in Melbourne are recorded and made available to you on a CD.

The past life regression therapy session journey will be a truly unique event: to release, to retrieve and to explore to obtain incredible insights and to enable you to undertake the next level of your spiritual growth.


Testimonial - Tamara

I even had a sense of touch and could feel the experience too.

After seeing Andrew for a few clinical hypnotherapy sessions I definitely noticed a drastic change in my life, the decisions I was making and the path I was going down.


The past life regression session was an experience I’ll never forget and definitely changed my life. I was sceptical going into the session and unaware of exactly what would happen. Through Andrews help under hypnosis, I was able to rediscover two past lives, which in turn slowly helped me over the following week, place the pieces of the puzzle of my life together.


I could see my past lives; I even had a sense of touch and could feel the experience too.


For 29 years I have struggled to explain certain behavioural habits and the past life session helped me become more aware, learn, change and heal.


I’ve made such drastic yet positive life changes since the session and would thoroughly recommend it to anybody who wants positive change and direction on their life.