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Go on a journey into your own personal universe to discover your life purpose and a whole lot more ..

HypnosisSoul specializes in facilitating people’s innate curiosity and desire to know more about themselves: on a Cosmic, Spiritual and Transpersonal level. We offer a range of personal universe journeys: Quantum Consciousness Personal Universe Journeys, Past Life Regression Therapy Journeys and Life Between Lives Spiritual Integration Journeys back to very fabric of our souls existence.
As each journey is significantly different, we offer an over the telephone 15 minute free consultation to help guide you to the most appropriate choice for you in your life at this point in time and space.

Quantum Consciousness Universe Journey

Future Life Progression Journey

Past Life Regression Therapy Journey

Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy Journey

A Quantum Consciousness journey starts at your stored consciousness level and expands through inter-dimensional and immortal conscious levels gathering wisdom and knowledge that can be brought back into your present consciousness.

Fantastic starting point to explore general issues.

Suitable for first timers who want to get a diversity of perspectives on a present issue in their lives.

2 hour duration

We can explore your Future Lives as easily as we can your Past Lives. Future Life Progression is a powerful and  profoundly transformative work.

Explore how present life issues would play out if you do not take the action in this lifetime. This brings new perspectives and healing in a way that no other therapy can achieve.

Suitable for first timers seeking clarity on present days issues: relationships, health, finances and other patterns.

2-2.5 hour duration 

Past Life Regression examines a past life of great relevance to you today in order to resolve unfinished business, recurring life patterns and problems.

The journey uses hypnosis for age regression to late and early childhood, then to the womb experience and then a lifetime of great relevance to your session intention.

Suitable for first timers who want a classic past life experience and insight into their a burning issue in the present.

2-2.5 hour duration

Life Between Lives Hypnosis is a journey into that place where the soul resides between earthly life existences and is accessed through your most recent immediate past life time.

Experience a return to spirit to meet your guides, soul family, body selection, council of elders, Akashic records and so much more.

Suitable for the more experienced and dedicated seeker who has experienced past or future life journeys.

3.5-4 hour duration 

A fully accredited facilitator in each journey

Certified and Accredited Quantum Consciousness Facilitator
Certified and Accredited Past Life Regression Therapist
Certified and Accredited Life Between Lives Therapist

What people say?

Hypnosis Soul Testimonials

Words cannot fully express how incredible my Past Life Regression session was with Andrew. I have always been interested in PLR but was unsure of what to expect. From the moment I arrived at Andrew’s home, he made me feel welcome, relaxed, and worthy of the experience I was seeking. Andrew skilfully helped me set an intention for our session, and then gracefully guided me into a deep state. Over the course of our session, we explored my early childhood memories all the way back to being inside my mother’s womb - which was incredibly powerful and personally healing. Andrew then seamlessly helped me revisit a particular past life, that helped to shed light on the questions I was asking. I remember feeling fully safe and trusting during the entire duration of our session. Our time even went over, but Andrew did not let that stop him from helping me find clarity and healing. I am truly in awe of Andrew and the work he does, and am eternally grateful for his gifts - the life he helped me uncover sheds a great deal of light on my current life, and I feel more confident knowing what life lessons I should be working on in the here and now. I would recommend Andrew to anyone who is interested in discovering - no matter what you would like to uncover, or need guidance in, Andrew has the ability, patience, and wisdom to help you get there. It was a truly life changing experience.

And what others say ...

Hypnosis Soul Testimonials

It was my first experience being under hypnosis. Andrew's guidance and calming energy made this experience very comfortable. He gave very detailed explanations as to the journey I was about to embark on. The process had begun before I was even aware. I came out of there with my intentions fulfilled and a very warm and positive energy that is still with me. The experience was very valuable to me and I will definitely be returning to see Andrew again.
Thank you once again for allowing me to experience Past Life Regression. I would have to say that it was the most amazing and positive experience I have ever had. Curiosity lead me. Andrew guided me. And I feel amazing. This truly is something everyone needs to experience. I want the whole world to feel as good as I do!

What is a journey into your own personal universe?

Andrew Reay

Hypnosis Souls Transformational Therapist

Andrew’s fascination with all things “New Age” began at an early age as he assisted his maternal grandfather divine for water using a branch of a tree, and to his delight when the bore was drilled,  there was indeed water.

Andrew has studied  Astrology, Dowsing, Dream Interpretation, EmoTrance, Emotional Freedom Technique, Energy Meditation, Hypnosis, Ki-Force, Mesmerism, Metaphysics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki, Remote viewing, Shamantic practices, Soul Retrieval work, Transpersonal Counselling, Time Line Therapy and many others.

Andrew has been trained and accredited as a facilitator for Quantum Consciousness Personal Universe Journeys, Past Life Regression therapy and is a Newton Institute Life Between Lives Therapist.



Hypnosis is a method of attaining a relaxed state of enhanced focus and immersion, it is concentrated attention and receptivity to an idea, thought or set of ideas. Hypnosis produces the ability to experience views and images as real, bypassing the critical factor to establish selective thinking. When the conscious mind is bypassed, the subconscious mind is open to suggestion.

No, you will be mindful of all the sounds around you at all times. Hypnosis feels like daydreaming. If the hypnotherapist spoke to you, you would hear it.

No, suggestibility is not the same as gullibility. While gullibility entails that a person is easily deceived or cheated, suggestibility is the intensity level which the brain and nervous system accepts and consents to new ideas. During hypnosis both the mind and body are much more responsive.

No. Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness that you go through every day whenever falling asleep and wakening. If a hypnotherapy session is disrupted the subject will merely fall asleep or instantly waken.

Yes, hypnosis is not something that someone does to you, it is done with you! If you trust your hypnotherapist to guide you, you will relax and enjoy the experience. If you have ever driven somewhere and not observed how you got there, you have experienced hypnosis. The best people for hypnosis are smart, have an active imagination, and are creative and good thinkers.


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