Hypnotic Regression

Hypnotic regression, a journey back in time to recover memories and explore events from the past is profoundly trans-formative work. All of our experiences from birth and even before are recorded in our bodies, minds and souls.

Unique Experience

Each session is a unique experience - there is no-one on the planet that has your patterns, undertaken your contracts, entered into your agreements, has developed your perceptions, adopted your beliefs and strategies as a result of experiences from this life, past lives and even in-between lives.

Back Through Immortal Time

Going back in time through hypnotic regression brings new perspectives and healing for individuals in a way no other therapy can achieve.

3 Reasons For Regression

Past Life Regression is done primarily for 3 reasons. 1 - To release something that is holding us back, 2 - to retrieve something that serves us, and 3 - to explore for insight and growth, allowing us to step forward in our lives

Unique Experience

At Hypnosis Soul we specialise in spiritually based hypnotic progression to explore Past Lives, Life Between Lives and Quantum Consciousness Personal Universe journeys. Each of these journeys is significantly different.

  • A Past Life Regression therapy session will examine a past life of great relevance to you today in order to resolve perhaps some unfinished business or a recurring problem.
  • A Life Between Life Spiritual Integration session, undertaken by a fully trained Newton Institute qualified therapist, is a journey into that place where the soul resides between earthly life existences and is accessed through the most recent immediate past life time.
  • A Quantum Consciousness Personal Universe journey starts at your stored consciousness level and expands through inter-dimensional and immortal conscious levels gathering wisdom and knowledge that can be brought back into your present consciousness.

To establish which one of these is the most appropriate for you it is advised that you contact us to arrange a free no obligation 15 minute introductory session.



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