Past Life Regression – What to look for in a therapist?

A Past Life Regression Therapy could well be a solution to help you to live your life to your fullest potential. Perhaps that nagging and debilitating panic attack, could have past life regression source.

Before you embark on a google search for a suitable therapist, we’d like to take you through what to look for in a Past Life Regression (PLR) therapist.

Initial ContactAndrew_Image02

The very first thing to happen will be a prospective customer picking up the phone and contacting a therapist. Many clients send an email from a PLR therapist’s website. A PLR therapist should respond back to you within 24 hours of your initial contact.

During an initial conversation a PLR Therapist will ask some questions about any previous exposure to this type of activity. Or any personal development you might have done. They might also ask your age, as many therapists won’t do PLR’s on people under 25yo.

A professional therapist will make sure that provide you with the opportunity to feel comfortable with them and give you time to think it all through. With email contact, don’t expect too much detail. They will most likely supply price, location, timing, and perhaps ask you some questions in return.


It’s best to make sure that your therapist is a member of a recognized association. This will ensure that they relevant qualifications. As a basic requirement, make sure that the therapist is a qualified hypnotherapist.

Making An Appointment

Most therapists will require a deposit on booking an appointment time and day. They need to put aside 3 hours minimum for a PLR session and a deposit will ensure that the client is committed. A typical PLR session lasts 2-2.5 hours. A deposit could be anything from $100 to $200.  You should receive an email receipt for your deposit and a confirmation email for the PLR session appointment. You should receive an intake form for you to complete and email back, or bring with you on the day.

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Womb Work Can Provide Amazing Spiritual Insights

The Past Life Regression journey has a slight build up to the review of a past life.

Age Regression

In every past life regression journey, we conduct a few age regressions as mental warm ups, just as you would stretch some muscles before a jog or run. We do the same with a Past Life Regression.

Womb Regression

After going back to age 12, then 7 and the earliest childhood memory we go back to the womb, to a still younger time. The time just before birth in utero, is characterized by a dark, warm, moist environment.

We drift back to an earlier time before birth, between conception and birth, when the client was in their mother’s womb. Most of our clients find this an easy transition because they’re already so young.  We tend to spend a few minutes there before we move on to our next stop.

Sample Questions

Firstly  we ask some simple questions to make sure that the clients arms and legs are reasonably comfortable. … “we know it’s a little  cramped / tight for space in there because after all it’s very nearly time for them to be born.”

Awareness of mum

We then explore having an awareness of mother ….

  • Can they hear / feel / sense their mother’s heartbeat?
  • Are they aware of their mother’s emotions from time to time?
  • Can they influence their mother’s emotional state if she were under stress?
  • Is mum’s energy familiar to them?
  • Do they have a sense of having been with her before?

Future Life

  • How long until they’ll be born?
  • Do they have any feelings about the body that they’d like to share?
  • What are their initial impressions of this life they’re about to lead?
  • What are the character differences between their soul and their body?
  • How does this body compare with others they have occupied?  
  • What’s their purpose in this life time?

Significance of Womb Work

The powerful aspect of womb work is that we get the chance to speak to the soul incarnate before it has been tainted and shaped by the world at large. In this sense the soul is “unsullied” and “fresh” from spirit. Womb work alone can be very awe inspiring. And it’s just one part of the overall Past Life Regression Therapy session experience.

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Quantum Consciousness Personal Universe Journey v’s Past Life Regression Therapy session.

This article is about the difference between these two journeys and which is best journey for someone?


When contemplating a personal universe journey, first time clients really have just two choices:

  • a Quantum Consciousness Personal journey
  • a Past Life Regression Therapy Journey session


So what’s the difference between the two journeys beyond the explanation already provide at HypnosisSoul’s website?

The way we explain it at HypnosisSoul is as follows:

Past Life Regression

A Past Life Regression will provide insights into an intention from just one past life time’s perspective. As you can imagine each past life can be broad and complex. A comprehensive range of emotions. Imagine the range of problems that you have solved! The wide range of issues in your career. Or your relationships. Beliefs, hobbies and interests, family dynamics and so much more.

Quantum Consciousness

A Quantum Consciousness session will provide insights into an intention. And good to know from the perspective of drawing on a quantum world where all things are possible. Where all things are connected. We go to different levels of consciousness to address the intention. And this means:

  • drawing on insights from stored consciousness, which are stored memories from the past that offer healing and wisdom
  • the level of consciousness is « alternate » consciousness, where we chose a different path at a decision point in our lives, that other alternate decision point exists in a quantum world and it can offer healing and wisdom to the session intention
  • parallel consciousness where our consciousness exists in other bodies on earth outside the restrictions of time and space meaning the variety of the different lives we have experienced to gain healing and wisdom
  • inter-dimensional consciousness. This sounds complex, but this is where we can see feel or re-experience what it is like to be in another type of existence. This can be in a physical or an energetic form. And this can be in this or other dimensions to gain healing and wisdom.
  • immortal consciousness through which we can embrace the purest form of ourselves to gain healing and wisdom


So in summary all in all, a QC will offer a very diverse range of perspectives on an intention

And a Past Life Regression will offer a single perspective with a range of details within that perspective.

Because we appreciate the complexity we are happy to talk to you over the phone. In so doing we can provide you some personalized advice in a free 10 minute consultation.

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The Power and Importance of Intention

So, what’s this blog article about … Intention. Well before launching into intention and how it relates to personal universe journeys …. I wanted to share that for some reason while writing this article, the famous phrase by Alexander Hamilton kept resonating:

That is a great quote: it’s short, it’s clever, and it carries a great message. That famous quote and the setting of an intention around your Personal Universe Journey have a lot in common … if you don’t set a clear intention and purpose for the journey, then any old personal spiritual journey will do, and any old one of your past lives will do. We just don’t subscribe to sort of approach, we plan for success and make no apologies for supporting your journey to be one of significance and profundity.

Words are Powerful

Our words written, thought and spoken are powerful. So very powerful. When we write down an intention, it has a powerful effect on us. Regardless of the reason or purpose of that intention. That’s because an intention, either written, thought and spoken has a vibration frequency. That frequency radiates to the universe in which we live and our universe specifically.

Our energy flows where our intention and energy goes, so if we place energy into setting a well thought out intention for our journeys, we are more likely to have a journey experience of magnificence.

Intentions That Need Polishing A Little


Here are some examples of intentions, which we feel needs slight re-tuning ….

  • “I’m just curious to have the experience.”
  • “Not sure, I just thought it would be fun.”
  • “I think I was King Henry VIII in a past life, just double checking.”
  • “My psychic told me I was one of Jesus’ disciples; I just want to check that out. “

So to work with these clients we fine tuned their intentions. Because an appropriate and well worded intention that met their needs, really helps.

Great Intentions

Some examples of good intentions are:

“I would like to understand with more clarity the reasons behind a history of choosing the wrong partners in life: people who mistreat me!”


“I have been doing a great deal of personal development to overcome early childhood trauma: so I feel I would benefit from some insights from a life of great relevance to me today to help explain my childhood issues.”

“I love my mother dearly, but when we get together it becomes a series of conflicts and I’d like to explore why this could be.”

When you are completing the Intake Form in preparation for a Personal Universe Journey, enjoy it. Think it through. So take a few minutes to reflect on the INTENTION of your session. Because when you put some effort into “The Why” – “The Intention”, you’ll have an awesome journey.

We look forward to helping you realize your personal universe journeys and your intention. Contact us now!

Is it only famous people that come through in a Past Life Regression?

In the 500 odd Past Life Regression sessions I have facilitated, I can say with confidence I have never had a client recall an experience as an “A Listed” famous person from history. I would love to facilitate an “A  Lister”, however, they just haven’t come through.

Historical Legends

So for example there have been no Napoleon Bonaparte’s, or a Marie Antoinette’s, or Kings or Queens of England. No dictators such as Adolf, or Benito Mussolini. There have been no famous musicians such as Ludwig van Beethoven or Wolfie Mozart. Nor have their been psychiatrists such as Sigmund Freud or Carl Jung. Sadly no world leaders such as JFK, Benjamin Disraeli, Sir Robert Menzies or any other politicians.

Real People

And so you may well ask, what sort of people come through during a Past Life Regression? Now that is an excellent question … everyday people just like us, you and me, they are the ones who come through. These same people from different countries, from a variety of cultures. Characters come from various era’s, the 20th Century and earlier. Past life experiences come from all walks of life: artists, bankers, farmers, peasants, monks, minor nobility. We also get ladies of leisure, men of industry and workers from the agricultural fields. And now what that means is that the past lives of our clients have been anything but mundane.
⦁ Alfonse, a wheelwright from Roman times, who enjoyed attending the gladiatorial fights on his day off
⦁ Luli, a beautiful young Polynesian woman who feel in love with a sailor from a passing sailing ship and committed suicide by jumping off the cliff
⦁ Harry, an Englishman who was “kept as a woman” to please a Prince of France, a cousin of King William
⦁ Jaques, a gruff old artist who loved smoking strong cigarettes from the mid 1800’s in Paris, France

So why not find out about one or some of your past lives, contact us now!

A Wise Wizard In A Stone Tower

3.4 Peel_Castle_interior_-_Round_tower_and_stone_buildings_(geograph_1699338)

Opening Scene

The scene is set in central Western Europe, during the 15th Century.

The Wizard

The central character is an elderly and scholarly man. He has a wild head of grey hair and an unkempt flowing beard. He wears a tatty purple robe, with dark animal fur cuffs and a fur collar. Under his robe is a knitted doublet over a simple button-less shirt. Also he wears loose fitting breeches. His robe is adorned with mystical alchemist symbols and astrological symbols: he is a learned wise wizard.

The Stone Tower

Wizard occupies the top level of a circular stone tower. This is his workspace, his eating area and his sleeping quarters. He is surrounded by manuscripts; ancient leather bound volumes and charts.  They are bound and made from the skins of animals, with ink lines etched into them of the terrestrial and celestial worlds. He has books / journals with blank pages of parchments and quills in ink wells are scattered around on tables here and there.

The scene is set during the evening, it’s night-time.  There are candles burning in ceiling held holders and other candles near the writing areas. The room is filled with the soft glow and the smell of burning wax.

The wizards meals brought to him. This man is treated well, good food and wine. Whatever the wizard needs he receives without question.

It’s a good thing that he is waited on, as it’s a few hundred steps up and the same down the stone tower, he’s too old to be going up and down these days.

The Wizards Work

He is in the employ of a king. The King seeks to expand his wealth, territory and power in the area. The king frequently comes to see the wizard to seek his counsel. However, the king likes the wizard. The wizard is wise and knowledgeable, the King always learns things from the wizard. The King must maintain his royal composure. He cannot confide with others in his realm, except the wizard. In the presence of the wizard, the King can relax and be more natural.

And so the wise wizard knows the kings plans. And the wizard advises the king on the best 3. 220px-Arthur-Pyle_The_Enchanter_Merlintime to do things.  In many cases the wizard also provides tactical suggestions and political strategies to assist the king.

So as a result, unfortunately for the wizard he is kept in the tower under “house arrest”. And the wizard is a prisoner, because the king cannot afford for the wizard to be ever be captured.  Because he is far too valuable an asset.

The Wizards Learning

“So the knowledge gained by the wizard was supposed to set him free, however that knowledge was what imprisoned him in that life. “

The integration aspect of that past life regression session was:

“for that client to go forth into the world with his knowledge, with his gifts without the fear that he would be imprisoned again in his present lifetime.”

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Revisiting past lives- some compelling reasons

Are you considering experiencing a past life regression session, or know of someone who has? There could be many reasons that could make you want to revisit your past lives. Here are a few main ones:

Need for Self Discovery

As people begin to realize that they just aren’t a body with a soul, but a soul within a body, the need to reconnect with the past to integrate the various past lives with the current one, becomes paramount. It is a journey that can help one recognize the gifts and abilities accumulated over lives and can give you a sense of accomplishment. Often if you have been feeling tired and run down, this could lead to a renewed vigour in moving towards life’s goals.

Understanding and breaking through old patterns

A Past Life Regression session helps you understand old repetitive patterns that have kept you shackled. Often it helps address old wrongs, let go of them and revise current life decisions. A successful sojourn into one’s past lives helps one understand old patterns and often leads us to let go of things that no longer serve us in our current life.


Many a times the emotional trauma experienced in any of our past lives has far reaching consequences on our spirit and abilities. This could lead to innumerable fears, phobias and a decreased ability to perform at optimal levels. Often this could be a result of mental, physical or emotional abuse in our past lives. A past life regression session can lead to understanding of these issues, accepting them and in turn lead to release and healing.

past livesA past life regression session can lead to the soul making the journey and revisiting the time when the soul lost its power and by understanding and accepting the event, also reclaiming the lost power.

Little surprise then that after a successful past life regression session people are known to overcome their fears and manifest a life that they have always wanted, be it building sustainable relationships or work towards material wealth. Most importantly, Past Life Regression helps them come to terms with their soul’s journey and seek peace and joy in the moment.

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Are past life memories behind your anxiety levels?

Have you been plagued by irrational fears?  Have you had visions that have no connection with your current reality? Do you experience a sense of deja vu often? Has the situation come to such a point that you are having panic attacks that are almost debilitating?

Past Life Regression Therapy sessionThe answers could lie in a Past Life Regression Therapy session. Besides a trained a successful session past life regression therapist, by a trained past life regression therapist assists clients take a leap of faith as they travel through numerous past lives. Via the process of hypnosis the person is facilitated to move into a trance-like state, during which the client starts to identify past memories, followed by an extended state of memory recall leading to the integration of the experience. It is this integration of experience both during and after a past life regression session that helps a client heal.

When subconscious belief patterns operate in our present conscious mind they may affect our life negatively. Such fears prevent us from enjoying a fulfilling life. A successful regression therapy puts the spotlight of attention on these fears and traces their roots. An empowering Past Life Regression therapy session helps to identify blocks and in turn help you live life to your full potential. With past life regression therapy it is possible to reframe the anxiety attacks from the experiences of another lifetime, which helps the client heal help them strengthen their internal resources and apply the same to their current life.

Many individuals who have been able to overcome their limiting beliefs and start living life to a fuller potential, stand as the biggest testimony to success of a Past Life Regression Therapist.

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How do we chose the right past life to visit?

choosing the right past lifeWhen we elect to undergo a past life regression with a therapist in Melbourne, or anywhere for that matter, we do so for a reason. There are many reasons to do a past life regression therapy session, for example, we may keep making the same mistakes, many clients frequently present with issues around self sabotage.

You may have your own life experiences around self sabotage, and if so rest assured you are not alone, for many people it is a common theme. So hypothetically, you keep making the same mistakes and let’s also say it’s around relationships, that’s a really widespread reason people want to do a past life regression session.

So you’ve elected to have a past life regression session to resolve the self sabotage with respect to making the same mistakes in relationship after relationship.

The first part and one of the most important parts of undertaking a journey into your past lives is to have a clear intention of why you would want to do that – Intention is so important.

Setting an intention is like tuning into the right radio station, it would be sad if your felt like listening to a piece of classical music like Beethoven’s 5th Symphony and by accident you tuned in the hardcore punk music of the 1980’s – that would be a slight shock to the audio senses – and no judgment on 1980’s punk music at all, but it wasn’t what you wanted.

Everything in the universe has a vibrational signature, even our thoughts (watch out) – so too an intention has a vibration, so when we set an intention, we establish a vibration we wish to connect with.

If you’ve read this far you’re doing well, for some people this is second nature, for others these could be considered new concepts, so let’s return to the blog topic specifically – “How do we chose the right past life to visit?”

However before we do, let’s introduce another vital piece of information – depending upon your belief systems, and undertaking a past life regression somewhat assumes you believe in life after death and reincarnation as possibilities, true?

Past life regression therapySo you’ve been here before, possibly dozens, or hundreds of times, or as ‘old souls’ would say maybe thousands of times before and in those lives you’ve been the prisoner and the guard, the king and the pauper, the bad one and the good one, the Lord and the serf, the thief and the victim of theft and so on and so forth. In each of those lives we learned different things, to experience joy, suffering, injustice, and management of power, grief, loss, love, sadness and every possible aspect of human emotion. Each of those lives would have had a central theme a series of life lessons to achieve an outcome of some sort.

And now we return to our hypothetical scenario, to have a past life regression session to resolve the self sabotage with respect to making the same mistakes in relationship after relationship.

Let’s look at the ingredients distilled to date – we have a pool of possible past lives, each with specific theme and a host of experiences and a sequence of vibrational signatures, we’ve set an intention with vibrational signatures, so now we partake in the journey of allowing the two vibrational signatures to submit to the Universal Law of Attraction, that is the right past life, theme and host of human experiences to enter into the realm of your own consciousness and that is the past life that comes up.

As the field of science is ever growing in knowledge especially under the banner of quantum physics begins to expand, we are experiencing now more than ever that the original Newtonian laws of physics are being re-written, that a world in which solid scientific “proof” has led to the fact that the universe and all matter in it is fundamentally held together by nothingness becomes a reality and just because we cannot see, touch, taste or smell it, doesn’t mean it’s not a possibility.

Past life regression therapy, choosing the right past life starts with setting a clear and well defined intention.

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Maybe my mind made it all up?

Past life regression therapyMany people are amazed when then they come out of a Past Life Regression session; the life they experienced may have been of a different gender than they are in their present life, they might have found themselves in a foreign land, with strange customs, wearing odd clothes, doing unusual things, interacting in peculiar ways with others – and for some people it’s so hard for them to accept such a life – totally understandable.

They frequently say or ask: “maybe my mind made it all up?”  In these cases we gently ask them a few questions; the essence of which is shared with you here.

  1. We ask the client to make up a story, right here or there on the spot, with the level of detail which they just experienced and 99.9% of them are unable to do – at all, they don’t even know where to start to engage the mind in a creative pursuit.
  2. We refer them back to a specific experience in the past life regression session they have just emerged. We ask them how they felt about that moment. Invariably most talk about the fact they felt their heart pounding whilst being pursued, or the emotional pain of their loved one in that life as they watched them pass on, or a coughing fit which they swore they were physiologically responding to body sensations.

We then ask them to recreate those very same experiences – which they are unable to do, because they were in a moment in a point of time.

The human imagination is a powerful tool, it’s true, and we can harness the power of the unconscious mind to do many things: change habits, accept new powerful information, eliminate restrictive beliefs – that’s the realm of hypnotic suggestion.

In a past life regression session, a well trained therapist will create the space and ask the questions that allows a client to explore the experience without implanting false memory or leading the client through the addition of the therapists owe knowledge, awareness or interaction.

In this manner a good past life regression therapist will be a facilitator of the client’s experience, not the author of the client’s session.

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