Past life and reincarnation

past life regressionIt’s hard to actually get some sort of factual figure of the number of people on planet earth who believe in reincarnation, certainly the Theosophists, Spiritualists and followers of Eckankar, along Hindu’s for which reincarnation is a core belief. Sant mystics and Sikhism subscribe to reincarnation along with many African peoples and of course for the Native American nations, reincarnation is a central tenet.

Estimates are between 25-44% of the inhabitants of the world believe in reincarnation – and does it matter because this is not a situation where the majority decides, it comes down to individual belief, however that is a huge number of people amongst the 7.257 billion people who occupy planet earth.

And you could ask, well who of any noteworthiness believes in reincarnation anyway. Well this could really surprise you, from a historical point of view: Napoleon, Mark Twain, past livesBenjamin Franklin, Leo Tolstoy, Henry Ford, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe the German poet, playwright and scientist, Mahatma Ghandi, Freidrich Nietzsche, Ralph Waldo Emerson, General George S. Patton, Albert Schweitzer, Walt Whitman, William Wordsworth, Jalalu Rumi (Islamic Poet of the 13th century), Carl Jung, Henry David Thoreau, Socrates, Voltaire, Jesus Christ in Gnostic Gospels: Pistis Sophia, in The Koran, Josephus (most well known Jewish historian from the time of Jesus), the French writer, Honore Balzac (French writer), Arthur Schopenhauer (Philosopher), Paul Gauguin (French post‐impressionist painter), George Harrison, Pythagoras.

With the even increasing acceptance of New Age thought and awareness, there is an ever increasing acceptance of reincarnation as a possibility: and where there’s reincarnation there is past life regression. Make an informed decision, experience a past regression yourself and enter the debate from a position of actuality.

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How to Get the Best from Your Past Life Regression Therapy

Some of the people have a desire to know their past and they want to regret for the bad acts they did in their past lives. They want to get experiences from their past lives in order to not to repeat those bad actions and to secure their future lives.

Life RegressionTips to get the best from Past Life Regression Therapy

If you have decided to go through the Past Life Regression session, you need to consider some aspects. Have a look at the aspects that you should keep in your mind.

  • Know your need. You should fix a goal about what you want to achieve from the session. Your actual goal will help you to go through the regression session in the best possible way.
  • Select a therapist for your regression session. You should keep the knowledge, experience and many allied facts in mind while selecting a therapist.
  • Discuss fears and worries clearly before going through the healing session. It will help you and your therapist to come up with the best results.
  • Try to know about the past life experiences of other people. Go through the books that depict the past life experiences of some of well-known people. It will help you to know how they faced the session and what did they achieve from it. It will be a great support for you to go through your healing process.
  • Work on mental muscles and try to increase your concentration. It will help you to go into deep relaxation and enable you to go into your past life.
  • Select an appropriate time. You should select the time when your feel relaxed and refreshed.
  • Avoid taking drugs and drinks.
  • Be open for a successful analysis.

Going through the above mentioned tips will enable you to achieve the best outcome from your Past Life Regression Therapy session.

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You actually relive the past life and experience it, feel it.

There is a lot of confusion around spiritual hypnotic journeys and the more left field psychic readings, naturally there will be a group of people who poo-poo both experiences, and there will those who will judge it as the Devil’s work. Live and let live I say.

There are many different modalities to help us expand our own awareness, yoga, a religious faith of some sort, meditation, and so on and so forth.

I’ve also been a great believer in psychics and Blog 1 - tarot-card-1mediums over the years and likewise I‘ve frequented them on numerous occasions. I never cease to be amazed at how talented psychics are, at least in relation to my own world, remarkably well tuned in. Very interesting and in many cases relevant.

Many people who contemplate a past life regression, life between lives spiritual integration or a quantum consciousness expansion of their personal universe aren’t quite sure what to expect.

Others who have experienced a psychic reading, via tarot or other methods, and it’s worth just getting some information about the differences in the end result.

I’ve always found that a psychic reading is like listening to someone reading a chapter of a book, it can be a ripping yarn, and you might feel surrounded by the energy and information, but you’re not quite fully immersed in the experience; if you were your heart would beats faster with the excitement, or the tears might flow because of feelings of sadness. I want to reiterate, I have had amazing psychic reading, Tarot Card Readings and other sessions that have helped me on my way, but I never felt engaged in the psychic information being communicated.

Blog 1 - Bridge over seineOn the other hand, from my observation of hundreds of past life regression sessions that I have conducted and all the Life between life spiritual integrations I have facilitated, along with the Quantum Consciousness work, people come out their amazing journeys feeling like they were there.

The circumstances of experiential responses is so diverse and unique, that there would not be enough blog space to detail it, but I will highlight just one powerful session.

The client was experiencing a life as an artist in 1800’s Paris, France – and one cold winters evening the artist was crossing a bridge over the river Seine and in the matter of seconds the client starting to cough and splutter, and I got ready with a glass of water thinking, “Oh Oh, got a problem here” and then the client (female) said in a gruff male voice of the artist, “I really must stop smoking this tobacco, it will be the death of me”. Afterwards, we spoke about that point of the session, and she said, “I really thought I was there, I could feel the tightness in the chest and the constriction in the airways from the cold weather and the effects of the tobacco, it was amazing.”

These journeys are truly amazing.

I Left The Session With A Wide Smile…

To whom it may concern, Recently I attended a past life regression by Andrew Reay. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease that Andrew managed to guide me through the entire regression process. As a hypnotherapist and yoga instructor, I have experienced past like regressions before, and was open to the idea of past life, yet Andrew managed to reinforce my belief and open my mind, to the depth that is possible with the right guidance. I left the session with a wide smile, reflecting on the positive experience of past lives, which  I revisited during my wonderful session with Andrew.

Yours Sincerely Jean-Alain d’Argent


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The Most Amazing and Positive Experience I Have Ever Had.

Curiosity lead me.
Andrew guided me.
And I feel amazing.
This truly is something everyone needs to experience.
I want the whole world to feel as good as I do !

Thank you once again for allowing me to experience Past Life Regression.

I would have to say that it was the most amazing and positive experience
I have ever had.

Thank you Andrew. Smiling Stella

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I Even Had A Sense of Touch and Could Feel The Experience Too..

After seeing Andrew for a few clinical hypnotherapy sessions I definitely noticed a drastic change in my life, the decisions I was making and the path I was going down.

The past life regression session was an experience I’ll never forget and definitely changed my life.

I was sceptical going into the session and unaware of exactly what would happen. Through Andrews help under hypnosis, I was able to rediscover two past lives, which in turn helped me over the following week, place the pieces of the puzzle of my life together.

I could see my past lives; I even had a sense of touch and could feel the experience too.

For 29 years I have struggled to explain certain behavioural habits and the past life session helped me become more aware, learn, change and heal.

I’ve made such drastic, yet positive life changes since the session and would thoroughly recommend it to anybody who wants positive change and direction in their life.

Tamara D (Carnegie)

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My Senses Were Alive, Quite An Experience…

“Where did that come from?” I said to Andrew after he gently coaxed me back into consciousness. I was always well aware that I was a middle-aged woman in the year  2010 sitting in a room with a ticking clock and passing traffic, but I was answering Andrew’s questions as an arrogant French man, the master of a painting class who was sick and tired of his annoying students. When Andrew asked what year was … I answered the foolish question …. obviously….


I could see and smell the studio in which I was teaching with the daylight streaming in through the large slanted windows. I coughed as I crossed a bridge late on a foggy night in Paris walking to my favourite restaurant…I could taste the smoke and tobacco of the strong unfiltered cigarette that I smoked.

This was a really strange experience, strange, but wonderful…with Andrew’s smooth and calming voice guiding to me places in my subconscious that I never even imagined existed. I felt entirely comfortable and happy throughout the process.

Andrew went into great details explaining what would happen and was extremely professional and  supportive. I would recommend this experience to anyone and I now recognize and know when to quell my impatience and my inner Frenchman. Salut! Jaques (Juli D, Elsternwick)

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Issues From The Past Resolved Easily

My name is Norelle, I recently did a past life regression with Andrew. I believe in past lives have done so for a while. I have seen some of them in dreams and in meditations but had never done so with hypnotherapy. I was worried that I couldn’t be hypnotized but Andrew put me at ease, made me feel safe and explained the whole process to me. We set our intent and went for it. I was surprised and once I allowed myself to relax and believe what I saw was true we were able to find the answer I was looking for. I sat with it for the rest of the night. It wasn’t the one I expected. Andrew then took me through a healing process regarding the effect that that past lifetime was having on my present lifetime and returned that energy to where it belonged. In the past! There was something that made me curious enough to check the history and the geography of the place, and that was where I found myself in that lifetime. I couldn’t decide whether I was in France or Germany, finally settled on France. When I looked it up I discovered that that part of what is now France had been fought over, on a number of occasions, by Germany and France for nearly a 1,000years. Hence the confusion! I would highly recommend anyone seeking to resolve issues that may be based in past lives to try Andrew’s past life regression. You will be surprised at the results. I was. Thank you Andrew. Norelle, Glen Iris, VIC

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My Amazing Past Life Journey

“At all times during my amazing past life journey, I felt Andrew was holding the space in a professional and caring way. I felt supported, safe and artfully assisted to integrate the experience. I would be comfortable in recommending Andrew to anyone interested in exploring their spiritual self”. James

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