Past Life Regression – What to look for in a therapist?

A Past Life Regression Therapy could well be a solution to help you to live your life to your fullest potential. Perhaps that nagging and debilitating panic attack, could have past life regression source. Before you embark on a google search for a suitable therapist, we’d like to take you through what to look for […]

Womb Work Can Provide Amazing Spiritual Insights

The Past Life Regression journey has a slight build up to the review of a past life. Age Regression In every past life regression journey, we conduct a few age regressions as mental warm ups, just as you would stretch some muscles before a jog or run. We do the same with a Past Life […]

Quantum Consciousness Personal Universe Journey v’s Past Life Regression Therapy session.

This article is about the difference between these two journeys and which is best journey for someone? Considerations When contemplating a personal universe journey, first time clients really have just two choices: a Quantum Consciousness Personal journey a Past Life Regression Therapy Journey session Differences So what’s the difference between the two journeys beyond the […]

The Power and Importance of Intention

So, what’s this blog article about … Intention. Well before launching into intention and how it relates to personal universe journeys …. I wanted to share that for some reason while writing this article, the famous phrase by Alexander Hamilton kept resonating: That is a great quote: it’s short, it’s clever, and it carries a […]

Is it only famous people that come through in a Past Life Regression?

In the 500 odd Past Life Regression sessions I have facilitated, I can say with confidence I have never had a client recall an experience as an “A Listed” famous person from history. I would love to facilitate an “A  Lister”, however, they just haven’t come through. Historical Legends So for example there have been […]

A Wise Wizard In A Stone Tower

Opening Scene The scene is set in central Western Europe, during the 15th Century. The Wizard The central character is an elderly and scholarly man. He has a wild head of grey hair and an unkempt flowing beard. He wears a tatty purple robe, with dark animal fur cuffs and a fur collar. Under his […]

Revisiting past lives- some compelling reasons

Are you considering experiencing a past life regression session, or know of someone who has? There could be many reasons that could make you want to revisit your past lives. Here are a few main ones: Need for Self Discovery As people begin to realize that they just aren’t a body with a soul, but […]

Are past life memories behind your anxiety levels?

Have you been plagued by irrational fears?  Have you had visions that have no connection with your current reality? Do you experience a sense of deja vu often? Has the situation come to such a point that you are having panic attacks that are almost debilitating? The answers could lie in a Past Life Regression […]

How do we chose the right past life to visit?

When we elect to undergo a past life regression with a therapist in Melbourne, or anywhere for that matter, we do so for a reason. There are many reasons to do a past life regression therapy session, for example, we may keep making the same mistakes, many clients frequently present with issues around self sabotage. […]

Maybe my mind made it all up?

Many people are amazed when then they come out of a Past Life Regression session; the life they experienced may have been of a different gender than they are in their present life, they might have found themselves in a foreign land, with strange customs, wearing odd clothes, doing unusual things, interacting in peculiar ways […]