How to Get the Best from Your Past Life Regression Therapy

Some of the people have a desire to know their past and they want to regret for the bad acts they did in their past lives. They want to get experiences from their past lives in order to not to repeat those bad actions and to secure their future lives. Tips to get the best […]

You actually relive the past life and experience it, feel it.

There is a lot of confusion around spiritual hypnotic journeys and the more left field psychic readings, naturally there will be a group of people who poo-poo both experiences, and there will those who will judge it as the Devil’s work. Live and let live I say. There are many different modalities to help us […]

I Left The Session With A Wide Smile…

To whom it may concern, Recently I attended a past life regression by Andrew Reay. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease that Andrew managed to guide me through the entire regression process. As a hypnotherapist and yoga instructor, I have experienced past like regressions before, and was open to the idea of past life, […]

The Most Amazing and Positive Experience I Have Ever Had.

Curiosity lead me. Andrew guided me. And I feel amazing. This truly is something everyone needs to experience. I want the whole world to feel as good as I do ! Thank you once again for allowing me to experience Past Life Regression. I would have to say that it was the most amazing and […]

I Even Had A Sense of Touch and Could Feel The Experience Too..

After seeing Andrew for a few clinical hypnotherapy sessions I definitely noticed a drastic change in my life, the decisions I was making and the path I was going down. The past life regression session was an experience I’ll never forget and definitely changed my life. I was sceptical going into the session and unaware […]

My Senses Were Alive, Quite An Experience…

“Where did that come from?” I said to Andrew after he gently coaxed me back into consciousness. I was always well aware that I was a middle-aged woman in the year  2010 sitting in a room with a ticking clock and passing traffic, but I was answering Andrew’s questions as an arrogant French man, the […]

Issues From The Past Resolved Easily

My name is Norelle, I recently did a past life regression with Andrew. I believe in past lives have done so for a while. I have seen some of them in dreams and in meditations but had never done so with hypnotherapy. I was worried that I couldn’t be hypnotized but Andrew put me at ease, […]

My Amazing Past Life Journey

“At all times during my amazing past life journey, I felt Andrew was holding the space in a professional and caring way. I felt supported, safe and artfully assisted to integrate the experience. I would be comfortable in recommending Andrew to anyone interested in exploring their spiritual self”. James Contact Us Contact us for a […]