Are past life memories behind your anxiety levels?

Have you been plagued by irrational fears?  Have you had visions that have no connection with your current reality? Do you experience a sense of deja vu often? Has the situation come to such a point that you are having panic attacks that are almost debilitating? The answers could lie in a Past Life Regression […]

I Left The Session With A Wide Smile…

To whom it may concern, Recently I attended a past life regression by Andrew Reay. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease that Andrew managed to guide me through the entire regression process. As a hypnotherapist and yoga instructor, I have experienced past like regressions before, and was open to the idea of past life, […]

The Most Amazing and Positive Experience I Have Ever Had.

Curiosity lead me. Andrew guided me. And I feel amazing. This truly is something everyone needs to experience. I want the whole world to feel as good as I do ! Thank you once again for allowing me to experience Past Life Regression. I would have to say that it was the most amazing and […]

I Even Had A Sense of Touch and Could Feel The Experience Too..

After seeing Andrew for a few clinical hypnotherapy sessions I definitely noticed a drastic change in my life, the decisions I was making and the path I was going down. The past life regression session was an experience I’ll never forget and definitely changed my life. I was sceptical going into the session and unaware […]

My Senses Were Alive, Quite An Experience…

“Where did that come from?” I said to Andrew after he gently coaxed me back into consciousness. I was always well aware that I was a middle-aged woman in the year  2010 sitting in a room with a ticking clock and passing traffic, but I was answering Andrew’s questions as an arrogant French man, the […]

Issues From The Past Resolved Easily

My name is Norelle, I recently did a past life regression with Andrew. I believe in past lives have done so for a while. I have seen some of them in dreams and in meditations but had never done so with hypnotherapy. I was worried that I couldn’t be hypnotized but Andrew put me at ease, […]

My Amazing Past Life Journey

“At all times during my amazing past life journey, I felt Andrew was holding the space in a professional and caring way. I felt supported, safe and artfully assisted to integrate the experience. I would be comfortable in recommending Andrew to anyone interested in exploring their spiritual self”. James Contact Us Contact us for a […]