Clinical Hypnotherapy

If you would like some clinical hypnotherapy to help with a range of issues such as:

  • Addictions: Gambling, smoking, drinking
  • Anxieties, Panic Attacks & Stress
  • Children’s Social & Learning Issues
  • Concentration & Memory Enhancement
  • Confidence, Esteem & Public Speaking
  • Depression, Grief
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Habits: Hair pulling, nail biting, thumb sucking
  • Migraines
  • Sleep & Insomnia
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Golf and Sports Performance
  • Stuttering
  • Sexual Performance, Male Dysfunction
  • Weight Loss & Eating Disorders





NES Provision Human Body Field Energetic Scans

Find out what’s happening on the inside,
The Nutri-Energetic System (NES) Provison Professional is a technologically advanced software package which uses a hand sensor to connect to and scan the Human Body Field, translating that information into a highly engaging series of client friendly screens indicating health status on a range of parameters.

When people can see their mind body connection in action, presented in colour, it can have a profound effect on their emotional intelligence: understanding how events have shaped their body and their minds. In particular the “Mind Screens” reveal shock conflict, core emotions and core beliefs which are stored in the body. The system also presents information of the body’s Energy Fields: Big Earth Fields, Drivers, Integrators, Terrains and Stars; Environmental Factors, Nutritional Factors and Sensitivities.

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