There are so many books on past life regression, exploration of the soul via hypnosis, this list is just perhaps a starting point for you. Feel free to add to the list!

“Journey of Souls” – Michael Newton, Ph.D. (1994)

Case Studies Of Life Between Lives. The first Hypnotherapist to research and map the spiritual realm using 7,000 case studies over a period of 35 years. This book contains 29 fascinating case studies. A classic, must read. [ISBN 978-1-56718-485-3]

“Destiny of Souls” – Michael Newton, Ph.D. (2000)

New Case Studies of Life Between Lives. Extends and builds upon the “Journey” book, another 40 cases. [ISBN 978-1-56718-499-0]

“Life Between Lives” – Michael Newton, Ph.D. (2002)

Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression. The step by step method of one of the world’s leading authorities on past lives and life between life experiences, published as a guide for the next generation of therapists. [ISBN 978-0-7387-0465-4]

“Memories of the Afterlife – Michael Newton, PhD. (2009)”

Published as a collection of LBL case studies from therapists of The Newton Institute.

“Many Lives, Many Masters” – Brian L. Weiss, M.D. (1988)

The true story of a prominent psychiatrist, his young patient, and the past life regression that changed both their lives. This publication consolidated past life healing techniques and how imprints can be carried over into the present day. The case study of “Catherine” shifted the belief patterns of this very successful and traditional therapist. Another of the classic books about past life regression. Well worth a read from one of the pioneers of this work, Brian Weiss has loads of credibility. [ISBN 13 978-0-671-65786-4]

“You Have Been Here Before” – Dr Edith Fiore – A psychiatrist looks at past lives of 12 patients.

This book reads more like a series of short stories and for that reason makes it a very easy and compelling read. There is also a chapter that gives you an insight into the technique Dr Fiore used to undertake her sessions. [ISBN 0-698-10883-3]

“Adventures In Immortality” – George Gallup Jr with W Proctor

Forces us to look again at our own attitudes towards death and to explore the implications of a mystery that may have no final answer this side of the grave. [ISBN 0-552-12395-1]

“The Doctor and The Soul” – Viktor E. Frankl, M.D.

The definitive book on existential psychoanalysis.

“Soul Mates” – Thomas Moore

Honouring the mysteries of love and relationship. [ISBN 978-0-06-092575-8]

“A Soul’s Journey” – Peter Richelieu

The use of astral planes of the ‘afterlife’. This is an excellent book to start your journey into past lives, really worth reading. One of my absolute favourites. [ISBN 0 85030 812 7]

“Old Souls” – Tom Shroder

Compelling evidence from children who remember past lives. When you read this book, you may find it hard to dismiss the posibility of reincarnation, or at lest fail to comprehend how children can easily recall past lives and recognise people to whom they were related in a previous earthly incarnation. Be prepared to be surprised. Shroder has made this area of research his life purpose. [ISBN 0-684-85192-X]

“The Soul’s Plan” – Robert Schwartz

Discovering the real meaning of the life you planned before you were born.

“The Great Soul Trial” – John G. Fuller

The gripping story of the prospector who left a fortune to study of the soul.

“Reincarnation” – Compiled by Joseph Head and S. L. Cranston

The most comprehensive collection of reincarnation selections ever published. [ISBN 0-88356-012-7]

“Past Life Regression” – Mary Lee LaBay

A Guide for practitioners. [ISBN 1-4120-1278-3]

“More Lives Than One…?” – Jeffrey Iverson

The Bloxham tapes – the most staggering evidence for reincarnation ever recorded. This book investigates the work of Arnall Bloxham, one of Britains’s most respected hypnotherapists. In the course of his work over two decades he has uncovered the most staggering evidence for reincarnation ever recorded. It’s a great read and provides a variety of opportunties to evaluate the topic of life after death and hypnosis as a tool for accessing such beliefs. [ISBN 0 330 25256 9]

“The Case Against Death” – Richard Lazarus

Death may become a thing of the past. This book is a compilation of testimonies of those who claim to have been reincarnated, had out-of-body experiences, visions, spiritual contact, been posssed or housed a poltergist that we must consider an opinion of whether or not we believe in immortality. [ISBN 0-7515-0188-3]

Edgar Cayce

14,000 Life Readings conducted in deep trance resulting in past life information and healing guidance. His notes were scribed and kept and now form the main repository of knowledge at the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach USA.

“Life Before Life”, “Reliving Past Lives”, Dr Helen Wembach (1978)

Commenced research into PLR in the mid 1960s and spent ten years trying to disprove the theory. Research of over 1000 people, the books contain research from 750 subjects. 90% experienced past lives 81% chose to be born.

“Life After Life”, Dr Ray Moody (1975)

Research into 100 near death experiences. The case studies involved showed significant similarities of a tunnel, bright lights and a feeling of bliss.

“Life Between Life”, Dr Joel Whitton (1986)

Discovered the existence of the disembodied state in between incarnations. Allowed clients to speak from this state. Based on 13 years of research and 30 medical case studies of the in between state.

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