choosing the right past lifeWhen we elect to undergo a past life regression with a therapist in Melbourne, or anywhere for that matter, we do so for a reason. There are many reasons to do a past life regression therapy session, for example, we may keep making the same mistakes, many clients frequently present with issues around self sabotage.

You may have your own life experiences around self sabotage, and if so rest assured you are not alone, for many people it is a common theme. So hypothetically, you keep making the same mistakes and let’s also say it’s around relationships, that’s a really widespread reason people want to do a past life regression session.

So you’ve elected to have a past life regression session to resolve the self sabotage with respect to making the same mistakes in relationship after relationship.

The first part and one of the most important parts of undertaking a journey into your past lives is to have a clear intention of why you would want to do that – Intention is so important.

Setting an intention is like tuning into the right radio station, it would be sad if your felt like listening to a piece of classical music like Beethoven’s 5th Symphony and by accident you tuned in the hardcore punk music of the 1980’s – that would be a slight shock to the audio senses – and no judgment on 1980’s punk music at all, but it wasn’t what you wanted.

Everything in the universe has a vibrational signature, even our thoughts (watch out) – so too an intention has a vibration, so when we set an intention, we establish a vibration we wish to connect with.

If you’ve read this far you’re doing well, for some people this is second nature, for others these could be considered new concepts, so let’s return to the blog topic specifically – “How do we chose the right past life to visit?”

However before we do, let’s introduce another vital piece of information – depending upon your belief systems, and undertaking a past life regression somewhat assumes you believe in life after death and reincarnation as possibilities, true?

Past life regression therapySo you’ve been here before, possibly dozens, or hundreds of times, or as ‘old souls’ would say maybe thousands of times before and in those lives you’ve been the prisoner and the guard, the king and the pauper, the bad one and the good one, the Lord and the serf, the thief and the victim of theft and so on and so forth. In each of those lives we learned different things, to experience joy, suffering, injustice, and management of power, grief, loss, love, sadness and every possible aspect of human emotion. Each of those lives would have had a central theme a series of life lessons to achieve an outcome of some sort.

And now we return to our hypothetical scenario, to have a past life regression session to resolve the self sabotage with respect to making the same mistakes in relationship after relationship.

Let’s look at the ingredients distilled to date – we have a pool of possible past lives, each with specific theme and a host of experiences and a sequence of vibrational signatures, we’ve set an intention with vibrational signatures, so now we partake in the journey of allowing the two vibrational signatures to submit to the Universal Law of Attraction, that is the right past life, theme and host of human experiences to enter into the realm of your own consciousness and that is the past life that comes up.

As the field of science is ever growing in knowledge especially under the banner of quantum physics begins to expand, we are experiencing now more than ever that the original Newtonian laws of physics are being re-written, that a world in which solid scientific “proof” has led to the fact that the universe and all matter in it is fundamentally held together by nothingness becomes a reality and just because we cannot see, touch, taste or smell it, doesn’t mean it’s not a possibility.

Past life regression therapy, choosing the right past life starts with setting a clear and well defined intention.

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