Is it only famous people that come through in a Past Life Regression?

In the 500 odd Past Life Regression sessions I have facilitated, I can say with confidence I have never had a client recall an experience as an “A Listed” famous person from history. I would love to facilitate an “A  Lister”, however, they just haven’t come through.

Historical Legends

So for example there have been no Napoleon Bonaparte’s, or a Marie Antoinette’s, or Kings or Queens of England. No dictators such as Adolf, or Benito Mussolini. There have been no famous musicians such as Ludwig van Beethoven or Wolfie Mozart. Nor have their been psychiatrists such as Sigmund Freud or Carl Jung. Sadly no world leaders such as JFK, Benjamin Disraeli, Sir Robert Menzies or any other politicians.

Real People

And so you may well ask, what sort of people come through during a Past Life Regression? Now that is an excellent question … everyday people just like us, you and me, they are the ones who come through. These same people from different countries, from a variety of cultures. Characters come from various era’s, the 20th Century and earlier. Past life experiences come from all walks of life: artists, bankers, farmers, peasants, monks, minor nobility. We also get ladies of leisure, men of industry and workers from the agricultural fields. And now what that means is that the past lives of our clients have been anything but mundane.
⦁ Alfonse, a wheelwright from Roman times, who enjoyed attending the gladiatorial fights on his day off
⦁ Luli, a beautiful young Polynesian woman who feel in love with a sailor from a passing sailing ship and committed suicide by jumping off the cliff
⦁ Harry, an Englishman who was “kept as a woman” to please a Prince of France, a cousin of King William
⦁ Jaques, a gruff old artist who loved smoking strong cigarettes from the mid 1800’s in Paris, France

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