Past life regression therapyMany people are amazed when then they come out of a Past Life Regression session; the life they experienced may have been of a different gender than they are in their present life, they might have found themselves in a foreign land, with strange customs, wearing odd clothes, doing unusual things, interacting in peculiar ways with others – and for some people it’s so hard for them to accept such a life – totally understandable.

They frequently say or ask: “maybe my mind made it all up?”  In these cases we gently ask them a few questions; the essence of which is shared with you here.

  1. We ask the client to make up a story, right here or there on the spot, with the level of detail which they just experienced and 99.9% of them are unable to do – at all, they don’t even know where to start to engage the mind in a creative pursuit.
  2. We refer them back to a specific experience in the past life regression session they have just emerged. We ask them how they felt about that moment. Invariably most talk about the fact they felt their heart pounding whilst being pursued, or the emotional pain of their loved one in that life as they watched them pass on, or a coughing fit which they swore they were physiologically responding to body sensations.

We then ask them to recreate those very same experiences – which they are unable to do, because they were in a moment in a point of time.

The human imagination is a powerful tool, it’s true, and we can harness the power of the unconscious mind to do many things: change habits, accept new powerful information, eliminate restrictive beliefs – that’s the realm of hypnotic suggestion.

In a past life regression session, a well trained therapist will create the space and ask the questions that allows a client to explore the experience without implanting false memory or leading the client through the addition of the therapists owe knowledge, awareness or interaction.

In this manner a good past life regression therapist will be a facilitator of the client’s experience, not the author of the client’s session.

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