My Senses Were Alive, Quite An Experience…

“Where did that come from?” I said to Andrew after he gently coaxed me back into consciousness. I was always well aware that I was a middle-aged woman in the year  2010 sitting in a room with a ticking clock and passing traffic, but I was answering Andrew’s questions as an arrogant French man, the master of a painting class who was sick and tired of his annoying students. When Andrew asked what year was … I answered the foolish question …. obviously….


I could see and smell the studio in which I was teaching with the daylight streaming in through the large slanted windows. I coughed as I crossed a bridge late on a foggy night in Paris walking to my favourite restaurant…I could taste the smoke and tobacco of the strong unfiltered cigarette that I smoked.

This was a really strange experience, strange, but wonderful…with Andrew’s smooth and calming voice guiding to me places in my subconscious that I never even imagined existed. I felt entirely comfortable and happy throughout the process.

Andrew went into great details explaining what would happen and was extremely professional and  supportive. I would recommend this experience to anyone and I now recognize and know when to quell my impatience and my inner Frenchman. Salut! Jaques (Juli D, Elsternwick)

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