Available Journeys

Quantum Consciousness Journey

A Quantum Consciousness journey starts at your stored consciousness level and expands through inter-dimensional and immortal conscious levels gathering wisdom and knowledge that can be brought back into your present consciousness.

This is a fantastic starting point to explore general issues.

Suitable for first timers who want to get a diversity of perspectives on a present issue in their lives.

2 hour duration

Future Life Progression Journey

We can explore your Future Lives as easily as we can your Past Lives. Future Life Progression is a powerful and  profoundly transformative work.

Explore how present life issues would play out if you do not take the action in this lifetime. This brings new perspectives and healing in a way that no other therapy can achieve.

Suitable for first timers seeking clarity on present days issues: relationships, health, finances and other patterns.

2-2.5 hour duration


Past Life Regression Therapy Journey

Past Life Regression examines a past life of great relevance to you today in order to resolve unfinished business, recurring life patterns and problems.

The journey uses hypnosis for age regression to late and early childhood, then to the womb experience and then a lifetime of great relevance to your session intention.

Suitable for first timers who want a classic past life experience and insight into their a burning issue in the present.

2-2.5 hour duration

Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy Journey

Life Between Lives Hypnosis is a journey into that place where the soul resides between earthly life existences and is accessed through your most recent immediate past life time.

Experience a return to spirit to meet your guides, soul family, body selection, council of elders, Akashic records and so much more.

Suitable for the more experienced and dedicated seeker who has experienced past or future life journeys.

3.5-4 hour duration