Past Life Regression- What to Expect?

So you have realized that the nagging panic attack that has been nearly debilitating you for a while now, could have past life regression therapy, Melbournesomething to do with a limiting belief from a previous life, which needs to be explored and taken to its logical conclusion? A Past Life Regression Therapy could well be the answer that could empower you to live life to your fullest potential.

Before getting into a Past Life Regression Therapy Session, however, it is best to know what it entails and what you would need to bring to the session.

First and foremost, what you need is implicit faith to make that journey – transition through various lives, identify past memories and finally integrate them leading to the much needed healing. Often a trained therapist, in whom you can place absolute trust, will help you not just take the leap of faith to undertake the journey, but also the time immediately after the session, to help you come to terms with your findings and assist you to use them to strengthen your existing life and relationships.

A typical past life regression therapy session will last for 2-3 hours, so it best to come prepared. Even before getting into the session, the therapist will discuss the issues troubling you at length. This is a good opportunity to tell your therapist what prompted you to take the session, in the first place. A detailed discussion on the questions plaguing you, the answers you are seeking, your existential dilemmas and more, will go a long way in making the session fruitful.

A credible therapist engaged in past life regression therapy, Melbourne will also make a detailed presentation explaining the entire procedure. Among other things, this presentation will help you overcome any anticipatory fears or apprehensions that could accompany a past life regression – namely that the use of hypnosis to achieve regression amounts to the individual losing control. It is clearly explained that the person who is hypnotized always maintains a certain level of awareness even while in the state of trance. At no point during the state of hypnosis does a person cease to be controlled by his own conscience and his sense of right and wrong. Therefore, while hypnosis is used as a tool for this type of experiential journey, if there is something along the lines of “Open Sesame”, it is faith alone.

When you are undertaking a session on past life regression therapy, Melbourne with a credible therapist, your session will be recorded and handed over to you on a CD. This will enable you to revisit the session at leisure, helping you glean important insights and travel onwards in your spiritual journey.

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