Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression and visiting our past lives is done primarily for 3 reasons. 

  • to release something that is holding us back, whether it be a feeling, a phobia, a limiting belief; 
  • to retrieve something that serves us, whether that be a feeling that we need more of in our life today, a belief, knowledge, connection with others, that helps us to stand in our own power more easily; 
  • or finally to explore for insight and growth, that will in turn allow us to step forward in our lives with greater authenticity and self awareness.

A Past Life Regression differs from a Life Between Lives Spiritual Integration session in that we visit a past life of specific relevance to you today based on your session intention.

A Life Between Lives Spiritual integration focuses on the immediate past life as a portal to the spiritual dimension.

Free yourself from the patterns of the past via a past lives journey. Don’t let those patterns of the past hold you back, not even another day, hour or minute.


What to expect?

Your unique past life regression therapy session will be between 2-3 hours. After completing the client intake form, there will be a brief discussion of that information, and even more time exploring the issues you may be seeking to address in the past life regression therapy session in Melbourne.

During this time you can establish the intention of the past life therapy session, what outcomes you are seeking, clarifying a sound outcome and explore your views on life, the universe and your beliefs systems so that the past life regression session reflects accurately, your own unique understanding and perspective.

Your therapy journey includes a brief explanatory presentation, providing you with an in depth understanding of your mind. Naturally at every step of the way, you can ask questions and clarify your understanding of the past life regression therapy session therapy experience.

All therapy sessions are conducted in Melbourne are recorded and made available to you on a CD.

The past life regression therapy session journey will be a truly unique event: to release, to retrieve and to explore to obtain incredible insights and to enable you to undertake the next level of your spiritual growth.


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