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My name is Norelle, I recently did a past life regression with Andrew. I believe in past lives have done so for a while. I have seen some of them in dreams and in meditations but had never done so with hypnotherapy. I was worried that I couldn’t be hypnotized but Andrew put me at ease, made me feel safe and explained the whole process to me. We set our intent and went for it. I was surprised and once I allowed myself to relax and believe what I saw was true we were able to find the answer I was looking for. I sat with it for the rest of the night. It wasn’t the one I expected. Andrew then took me through a healing process regarding the effect that that past lifetime was having on my present lifetime and returned that energy to where it belonged. In the past! There was something that made me curious enough to check the history and the geography of the place, and that was where I found myself in that lifetime. I couldn’t decide whether I was in France or Germany, finally settled on France. When I looked it up I discovered that that part of what is now France had been fought over, on a number of occasions, by Germany and France for nearly a 1,000years. Hence the confusion! I would highly recommend anyone seeking to resolve issues that may be based in past lives to try Andrew’s past life regression. You will be surprised at the results. I was. Thank you Andrew. Norelle, Glen Iris, VIC

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