Are you considering experiencing a past life regression session, or know of someone who has? There could be many reasons that could make you want to revisit your past lives. Here are a few main ones:

Need for Self Discovery

As people begin to realize that they just aren’t a body with a soul, but a soul within a body, the need to reconnect with the past to integrate the various past lives with the current one, becomes paramount. It is a journey that can help one recognize the gifts and abilities accumulated over lives and can give you a sense of accomplishment. Often if you have been feeling tired and run down, this could lead to a renewed vigour in moving towards life’s goals.

Understanding and breaking through old patterns

A Past Life Regression session helps you understand old repetitive patterns that have kept you shackled. Often it helps address old wrongs, let go of them and revise current life decisions. A successful sojourn into one’s past lives helps one understand old patterns and often leads us to let go of things that no longer serve us in our current life.


Many a times the emotional trauma experienced in any of our past lives has far reaching consequences on our spirit and abilities. This could lead to innumerable fears, phobias and a decreased ability to perform at optimal levels. Often this could be a result of mental, physical or emotional abuse in our past lives. A past life regression session can lead to understanding of these issues, accepting them and in turn lead to release and healing.

past livesA past life regression session can lead to the soul making the journey and revisiting the time when the soul lost its power and by understanding and accepting the event, also reclaiming the lost power.

Little surprise then that after a successful past life regression session people are known to overcome their fears and manifest a life that they have always wanted, be it building sustainable relationships or work towards material wealth. Most importantly, Past Life Regression helps them come to terms with their soul’s journey and seek peace and joy in the moment.

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