Words cannot fully express how incredible my Past Life Regression session was with Andrew. I have always been interested in PLR but was unsure of what to expect. From the moment I arrived at Andrew’s home, he made me feel welcome, relaxed, and worthy of the experience I was seeking. Andrew skillfully helped me set an intention for our session, and then gracefully guided me into a deep state. Over the course of our session, we explored my early childhood memories all the way back to being inside my mother’s womb – which was incredibly powerful and personally healing. Andrew then seamlessly helped me revisit a particular past life, that helped to shed light on the questions I was asking. I remember feeling fully safe and trusting during the entire duration of our session. Our time even went over, but Andrew did not let that stop him from helping me find clarity and healing. I am truly in awe of Andrew and the work he does, and am eternally grateful for his gifts – the life he helped me uncover sheds a great deal of light on my current life, and I feel more confident knowing what life lessons I should be working on in the here and now. I would recommend Andrew to anyone who is interested in discovering – no matter what you would like to uncover, or need guidance in, Andrew has the ability, patience, and wisdom to help you get there. It was a truly life changing experience.