So, what’s this blog article about … Intention. Well before launching into intention and how it relates to personal universe journeys …. I wanted to share that for some reason while writing this article, the famous phrase by Alexander Hamilton kept resonating:

That is a great quote: it’s short, it’s clever, and it carries a great message. That famous quote and the setting of an intention around your Personal Universe Journey have a lot in common … if you don’t set a clear intention and purpose for the journey, then any old personal spiritual journey will do, and any old one of your past lives will do. We just don’t subscribe to sort of approach, we plan for success and make no apologies for supporting your journey to be one of significance and profundity.

Words are Powerful

Our words written, thought and spoken are powerful. So very powerful. When we write down an intention, it has a powerful effect on us. Regardless of the reason or purpose of that intention. That’s because an intention, either written, thought and spoken has a vibration frequency. That frequency radiates to the universe in which we live and our universe specifically.

Our energy flows where our intention and energy goes, so if we place energy into setting a well thought out intention for our journeys, we are more likely to have a journey experience of magnificence.

Intentions That Need Polishing A Little


Here are some examples of intentions, which we feel needs slight re-tuning ….

So to work with these clients we fine tuned their intentions. Because an appropriate and well worded intention that met their needs, really helps.

Great Intentions

Some examples of good intentions are:

“I would like to understand with more clarity the reasons behind a history of choosing the wrong partners in life: people who mistreat me!”


“I have been doing a great deal of personal development to overcome early childhood trauma: so I feel I would benefit from some insights from a life of great relevance to me today to help explain my childhood issues.”

“I love my mother dearly, but when we get together it becomes a series of conflicts and I’d like to explore why this could be.”

When you are completing the Intake Form in preparation for a Personal Universe Journey, enjoy it. Think it through. So take a few minutes to reflect on the INTENTION of your session. Because when you put some effort into “The Why” – “The Intention”, you’ll have an awesome journey.

We look forward to helping you realize your personal universe journeys and your intention. Contact us now!