The Past Life Regression journey has a slight build up to the review of a past life.

Age Regression

In every past life regression journey, we conduct a few age regressions as mental warm ups, just as you would stretch some muscles before a jog or run. We do the same with a Past Life Regression.

Womb Regression

After going back to age 12, then 7 and the earliest childhood memory we go back to the womb, to a still younger time. The time just before birth in utero, is characterized by a dark, warm, moist environment.

We drift back to an earlier time before birth, between conception and birth, when the client was in their mother’s womb. Most of our clients find this an easy transition because they’re already so young.  We tend to spend a few minutes there before we move on to our next stop.

Sample Questions

Firstly  we ask some simple questions to make sure that the clients arms and legs are reasonably comfortable. … “we know it’s a little  cramped / tight for space in there because after all it’s very nearly time for them to be born.”

Awareness of mum

We then explore having an awareness of mother ….

  • Can they hear / feel / sense their mother’s heartbeat?
  • Are they aware of their mother’s emotions from time to time?
  • Can they influence their mother’s emotional state if she were under stress?
  • Is mum’s energy familiar to them?
  • Do they have a sense of having been with her before?

Future Life

  • How long until they’ll be born?
  • Do they have any feelings about the body that they’d like to share?
  • What are their initial impressions of this life they’re about to lead?
  • What are the character differences between their soul and their body?
  • How does this body compare with others they have occupied?  
  • What’s their purpose in this life time?

Significance of Womb Work

The powerful aspect of womb work is that we get the chance to speak to the soul incarnate before it has been tainted and shaped by the world at large. In this sense the soul is “unsullied” and “fresh” from spirit. Womb work alone can be very awe inspiring. And it’s just one part of the overall Past Life Regression Therapy session experience.

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