You actually relive the past life and experience it, feel it.

There is a lot of confusion around spiritual hypnotic journeys and the more left field psychic readings, naturally there will be a group of people who poo-poo both experiences, and there will those who will judge it as the Devil’s work. Live and let live I say.

There are many different modalities to help us expand our own awareness, yoga, a religious faith of some sort, meditation, and so on and so forth.

I’ve also been a great believer in psychics and Blog 1 - tarot-card-1mediums over the years and likewise I‘ve frequented them on numerous occasions. I never cease to be amazed at how talented psychics are, at least in relation to my own world, remarkably well tuned in. Very interesting and in many cases relevant.

Many people who contemplate a past life regression, life between lives spiritual integration or a quantum consciousness expansion of their personal universe aren’t quite sure what to expect.

Others who have experienced a psychic reading, via tarot or other methods, and it’s worth just getting some information about the differences in the end result.

I’ve always found that a psychic reading is like listening to someone reading a chapter of a book, it can be a ripping yarn, and you might feel surrounded by the energy and information, but you’re not quite fully immersed in the experience; if you were your heart would beats faster with the excitement, or the tears might flow because of feelings of sadness. I want to reiterate, I have had amazing psychic reading, Tarot Card Readings and other sessions that have helped me on my way, but I never felt engaged in the psychic information being communicated.

Blog 1 - Bridge over seineOn the other hand, from my observation of hundreds of past life regression sessions that I have conducted and all the Life between life spiritual integrations I have facilitated, along with the Quantum Consciousness work, people come out their amazing journeys feeling like they were there.

The circumstances of experiential responses is so diverse and unique, that there would not be enough blog space to detail it, but I will highlight just one powerful session.

The client was experiencing a life as an artist in 1800’s Paris, France – and one cold winters evening the artist was crossing a bridge over the river Seine and in the matter of seconds the client starting to cough and splutter, and I got ready with a glass of water thinking, “Oh Oh, got a problem here” and then the client (female) said in a gruff male voice of the artist, “I really must stop smoking this tobacco, it will be the death of me”. Afterwards, we spoke about that point of the session, and she said, “I really thought I was there, I could feel the tightness in the chest and the constriction in the airways from the cold weather and the effects of the tobacco, it was amazing.”

These journeys are truly amazing.